Ven. Pomnyun's Answer to "How Do I Make Decisions?” Selection from a Dharma Q&A session at Bethesda Chevy Chase Regional Service Center in Washington D.C. (September 18, 2019) Questioner (Q) : Hi Sunim, it is very nice to meet you. I’m really a big fan of your work and then I watch a lot of your Youtube videos. So a hundred million accounts some of my watch as well. So my questions is how do I really know what I want? So when I was 20 something I used to know, and I wanted to go to graduate school, I wanted to learn different languages, and I wanted to get that kind of job. So luckily I did a lot of them but then after that I don’t really know what I really want. So someone offered me a job outside of where I am right now, but I wasn’t sure if I want that or not. But it’s not only that. A lot of questions in life, it’s very difficult for me to figure out what I really want. And maybe it’s something related but it’s also difficult for me to make a decision. So I’m looking for a house to buy around here. For some people it takes one day or for some people it takes one month, but for me it takes much more than a year I have not made my decision. So for big question like in life what I want, and small question, like decide which house I like, I want to get your advice on how I can make my decision. 제목 : 어떻게 결정을 내려야 할까요?

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