Questioner (Q): Hi! My father lives in California. He’s older, he’s disabled. He’s not very healthy. And he’s really strong in his faith in Christianity. So he has a really strong beliefs that president Trump is there because God put him there. And the only way [to have it end] is through Jesus Christ. [He’s also disabled] and he has almost died many times. So I feel that his faith and a lot of other ways [is quite (inaudible)] and the life he has right now. On the other way when I go home, he asks me questions about am I saved, and what do I really believe and I find it really uncomfortable because I know what he wants me to say and I know that he’s worried that I’ll go to hell and I’m not born again. And also he sends me stuff on social media. Things that are like, Jesus was born out of a virgin, he rose from the dead, he did this Muhammad didn’t do that and all that stuff that isn’t helpful. And so right now up to this point I try to deflect, I try to be respectful, and I’ve tried to ignore. So I wan t to show up the best way I can for him, to honor him and also to ensure that I hold myself in a way that I respect him fully. And not feel just some sort of frustration.


 제목 : 아버지의 관점을 어떻게 존중해야 할까요?

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