Ven. Pomnyun's Answer to "How to Raise My Kid with Two Different Cultures."
Selection from a Dharma Q&A session at Jogyesa Temple, Seoul (June 14, 2019)

 questioner : I live in Columbus, Ohio almost 28 years.

I had a son when I was 40. I married an American man, then we have different cultures.

Since we had our son, he is 16, my husband and I argue too much.

My husband thinks I am too much attached to my son.

My son started to have

a girlfriend when he was 14. Just being a friend is okay, but I don't like he is in too deep with girls.

My husband is American, so it is okay with his culture. But for me it's different.

So we argue and sometimes he told me I might have mental health problems

He thinks I am too much worried about

my son.


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