Ven. Pomnyun's Answer to "How to be More Independent from Relationships”

Selection from a Dharma Q&A session at Busan City Hall, Busan (June 15, 2019)


Questioner : Five months ago my boyfriend broke up with me and I was originally going to ask how do I get over my ex. And then I thought some more, I ask myself why am I not over him, and then I thought because I’m way too attached. Because maybe I don’t want to get over this guy, because of all the past memories and then I hope for more. Well he knows I still like him and he knows. He told me that he doesn’t like me but I just felt really pathetic. And we still maintain a close relationship even now. So thus I tried getting over him in many ways and I tried surrounding myself with lots of things including my friends and other guys and that obviously didn’t work. So I thought to myself, wow, I seriously do depend on other people. 

So now I want to ask you how do I get less attached, and I know you said before that this is a habit and I’m pretty young.  So how do I break that habit and how do I become independent as in what I do and as in realize I don’t need a guy in my life for my needs and happiness? 


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연애 (또는 사람 관계) 로부터 독립적이 되는 방법

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